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I was actually gifted one at summer camp by Sami Scurto. I carried it around all weekend and my boyfriend and I used it every time we smoked. It felt really good to do something good for the environment. And it worked so well and was so simple. I was impressed that you could actually extinguish the cigarette in the pouch by just folding it back up and snapping it. I was also really impressed that they it didn't smell terrible. The bag that I kept mine in didn't stink or anything! Since we've gotten home from summer camp, I keep mine in my car and use it regularly.

Victoria Wells

Every year at Scamp the first thing I did was hunt for a pocket astray. Never had to look far which was the best part! Always ending up getting a new one every year too, cause that thing would go with me EVERYWHERE after Scamp. You wouldn't put your booty on the ground, would ya? Keep ya butts off it too then. ?

Holly Goncher

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